Monday, July 17, 2017

June Meeting Minutes

  Meeting Information -Monthly Meeting


Date:              June 15, 2017               

Location:        Primitive Gatherings, Murrieta, CA          Time: 6:30 PM         

Attendees:     12 Members, 0 Guests

Board Members Present:  Jan Prytz, Jessica Rittgarn, Maritza Farr, Colleen Molen, Angelica Jones, Susan Long
Board Member Absent:

  Meeting Discussion

  1.    Jan Prytz, the President, informed the group of the following:
a.    Raffle ticket - raffle tickets will be given for attending the meeting, turning in a charity block, and show and tell participation.
b.    The MQG was contacted about our membership cards and Colleen should receive them shortly. The cards give us discounts, and other benefits when we attend other guild's events, etc. See the MQG website for additional information.
c.    The MQG has announced two QuiltCon challenges and any MQG member can participate.
                                               i.     The American patchwork Flying Geese Challenge tasks members with modernizing the classic flying geese block
                                              ii.     The Michael Miller Our Yard Fabric Challenge features fabrics from the new "Our Yard" line designed by Sarah Campbell. Members will be emailed the sign-up link on June 17. If you miss the sign up for the fabric, you can purchase and still participate.
d.    QuiltCon 2018 Charity Quilt - it is time to start working on the charity quilt challenge. Colleen Molen volunteered as the Project Leader. She needs to sign up TVMQG by September 30th to advise the MQG that we are participating. Group members volunteered to participate and help with the TVMQG Charity Quilt - volunteers are Judy Neilio, Susanne O'Hara, Sue Gillaspie, Taylor Darby, Angelica Jones, Susan Long, Jessica Rittgarn, Jane Rowland, and Maritza Farr.        Theme is Modern Take on Traditional. Palette for the challenge has been provided by the MQG. The charity quilt must be twin size. The TVMQG will provide the funds for the fabric. The finished quilt is returned to our guild so we can use it for a charity fundraiser.
                                               i.     ACTION ITEM: Colleen Molen to begin design process and present ideas to the volunteers for input. A plan will then follow on completing the Charity Quilt.
                                              ii.     ACTION ITEM: Angelica Jones will send an email to all who are members to confirm that they are receiving MQG emails, if they are not receiving emails, notify Colleen Molen.
                                             iii.     ACTION ITEM: Maritza Farr will update the contacts on the Gmail account and coordinate information with Colleen Molen.
e.    The July meeting will be a "Christmas in July" get together, at Jane Rowland's home.  The meeting will be on July 20th at 6:30pm (same time as our regular meeting). It will be a potluck on the patio - please bring finger foods. Judy and Suzanne will bring drinks. Jan Prytz will send members a separate email with Jane's address. Plan is to exchange hot pads or pot holders. Bring your exchange item in a brown paper bag. Use two layers of batting and NO Insul-Brite or similar materials so the items can be used safely in the microwave.
                                               i.     ACTION ITEM:  Jan will send email to all members with Jane's address and reminders about the event.
f.      Primitive Gatherings (Drew) is organizing a Hoffman Fabrics Tour.
  2.    Treasurer's Report - Current fund balance is $819.74.
  3.     Raffle Ticket WINNERS - Primitive Gatherings Gift Card - Jane, Kit with Pattern - no one submitted a raffle ticket, Fat Quarter bundle - Linda. Congratulations ladies!

  Show and Tell

Name/ Description of Shared Item - All beautiful and creative projects shared! The group enjoyed seeing all them too!  See the TVMQG Group Facebook posting for pictures and information on each of the projects shared at the meeting.

  1.    Susan Long
  2.    Taylor Darby
  3.    Linda Bretton
  4.    Colleen Molen
  5.    Jane Rowland - Also discussed quilting ideas for the long-arm machine.
  6.    Jessica Rittgarn
  7.    Sue Gillaspie


  1.    BOM Susannah was  presented by Maritza. She showed different color options when selecting fabrics and laying them out in your block. In addition, she pointed out the need to layout fabrics with a directional print so you can determine the correct way to cut and piece your block. See the TVMQG Blog for the pattern
a.    ACTION ITEM: All members and guests are asked to consider completing a block and bring it to the July meeting.
  2.    Susan Long did a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) demo which was very informative as well as entertaining. She provided the following link for additional information on the technique Go to tutorials and then QAYG introduction.

  Upcoming Meeting Dates/Information

NOTE: The next meeting is our Christmas in July meeting at Jane Rowland's home - July 20th, at 6:30 pm. Jan Prytz will be sending out an email with the address to members.



  Upcoming BOM presentations and BOM Construction requirements

NOTE:  The block can be made in any fabric color desired, but with a low volume background fabric. The instructions are on the TVMQG Blog. Block needs to be completed to measure 12.5". 

                     July - Jan Prytz      

                     September - Madelyn