Sunday, June 18, 2017

May Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

  Meeting Information -Monthly Meeting


Date:              May 18, 2017                

Location:        Primitive Gatherings, Murrieta, CA          Time: 6:30 PM         

Attendees:     9 Members, 3 Guests

Board Members Present:  Jan Prytz, Jessica Rittgarn, Maritza Farr, Colleen Molen, Angelica Jones
Board Member Absent: Susan Long

  Meeting Discussion

  1.    Jan Prytz, the President, informed the group of the following:
a.    Need volunteers for future BOMs. Madelyn volunteered for September.
b.    Raffle ticket process - raffle tickets will be given for attending the meeting, turning in a charity block, and show and tell participation.
c.    Blog interviewees are needed. Please contact Angelica if you are interested in being selected, otherwise Angelica will randomly select members for upcoming interviews.
d.    Our meeting invitation cards have been updated and slightly revised. Please take some with you and feel free to share with shops you visit and others you encounter who may be interested in attending our meetings.
e.    Meeting today will consist of two show and tells - the regular show and tell AND our Challenge Show and Tell (solids challenge).
f.      NEW Challenge - make a quilted item inspired from a photo. Can be any type of quilted item, not just a quilt. Jan shared a picture that inspired her quilt project. The New Challenge project will be due at the October meeting. See the TVMQG Facebook page meeting post for a picture of her project.
g.    QuiltCon 2018 Charity Quilt - if we decide as a guild to participate we will need a Chair and a person to head the design committee. Theme is Modern Take on Traditional. Palette for the challenge was also shared. The Chair is responsible for filling out the MQG form indicating that we are participating. The finished quilt is returned to our guild so we can use it for a charity.
                                               i.     ACTION ITEM: Jan will inquire at the June meeting for Quiltcon Charity Quilt Chair and Design Committee volunteers.
h.    We are trying to have a Christmas in July get together, but are in need of a location. The plan is to hold the event on July 20th at 6:30pm (same time as our regular meeting).  More information will be provided at our June meeting since we still don't have a location for the event. Plan is to exchange hot pads or pot holders. 
i.       Jan sent out a survey and is requesting that those who received the survey respond. This will help her with the planning for our guild.
  2.    Treasurer's Report - Tax forms have been submitted and accepted by the IRS. Current fund balance is $824.74.
  3.    QuiltCon 2018 registration opens June 2017.  Hotel information has been posted by the MQG, so call and make reservations as needed. Also, QuiltCon needs volunteers, so please consider responding to their call for volunteers.
  4.     Raffle Ticket WINNERS - Primitive Gatherings Gift Card - Judy, MQG Water Bottle and Bag - Natalie, Jelly Roll + - Angelica. Congratulations ladies!

  Show and Tell Solids challenge

Jan, Natalie, and Maritza shared their solids challenge quilts. See the TVMQG Facebook page meeting post for pictures of the solids quilts shared at the meeting and information.


  Show and Tell

Name/ Description of Shared Item - All beautiful and creative projects shared! The group enjoyed seeing all them too!  See our TVMQG Facebook page meeting post for pictures and information on each of the projects shared at the meeting.

  1.    Linda Bretton
  2.    Susanne O'Hara
  3.    Sue Gillaspie
  4.    Natalie Pollard
  5.    Judy Neilio
  6.    Colleen Molen
  7.    Angelica Jones
  8.    Jessica Rittgarn


  1.    BOM Woven Chevron presented by Natalie. She recommends that seams be pressed open to prevent seam build up. Patterns uses HSTs. See the TVMQG Blog for the pattern.  Square up blocks as you go.
a.    ACTION ITEM: All members and guests are asked to consider completing a block and bring it to the June meeting.
  2.    AccuQuilt Go Cutter and dies demonstrated by Natalie. She discussed how to prepare fabric. Several members tried out the cutter and were impressed with the ease of use and its precision cutting especially with more complex shapes that are difficult to rotary cut. The cutter is available online and Maritza shared that Moores Sewing in Temecula (on Ynez) also carries the cutter.

  Upcoming Meeting Dates/Information

Third Thursday of the month at Primitive Gatherings in Murrieta, June 15th, at 6:30 pm 

Susan Long will demo Quilt as You Go. 


  Upcoming BOM presentations and BOM Construction requirements

NOTE:  The block can be made in any fabric color desired, but with a low volume background fabric. The instructions are on the TVMQG Blog. Block needs to be completed to measure 12.5". 

                     June - Maritza       
                     September - Madelyn

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